Welcome to Maverick World Travel. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, alone or in a group, Maverick World Travel will provide you with savings, convenience and service - when you are planning, while you are traveling and after you have completed your trip. From corporate travel to leisure time activities,  Maverick World Travel is the one.

 Maverick World Travel is the only travel agency in Nevada registered by
The Israel Ministry Of Tourism to sell tourist packages to The Holy Land Of Israel.


If you desire to recharge your batteries or rekindle a romance, Maverick World Travel's knowledgeable and experienced staff will help make your dream vacation become a reality. Resorts, cruises, romantic getaways, safaris, adventures, rest and relaxation are yours for the asking.  Choose a getaway destination that you'll never forget. From warm sandy beaches to winter wonderlands, we offer getaway packages to suit your style. Discover the serenity and adventure of exciting travel destinations across the globe. Let us be your travel authority!

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